Translations in the core fields of international cooperation.

Qualified language professionals who have pooled their respective talents and expertise together to produce first class translations.

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  • Our core values
  • Our expertise
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    Our Mission

    the client, comply with the contract, meet the deadlines, adhere to the original text, take into account the context and the end reader. A prime service provided by experienced and dedicated professionals.

    Our Ambition

    To convey the essence of your message.
    Our job is to offer you our expertise, with dedication. If you want to stand out, we are just the team you need. We are creators of substance. We invite you to join us.

    Our Network

    Experienced translators who have worked their way through the translation industry
    and explored all its facets before coming back to their primary objective: a reliable service, honest professionals, translations which reflect your message and an impeccable finished product.

  • Reliability, Qualifications, Expertise

    A combination of around thirty years experience, expertise and talent in specialist fields at the service of a high-profile international clientele, together with leading-edge tools and technologies. We undertake to meet your requirements efficiently, comply with deadlines and deliver top quality translations.

    Talent, dedication, Experience

    Each member of the Network is an example of openness, curiosity and discretion. Our approach is centered on thoroughness and attention to detail. The right tools, developed by the best experts are your most reliable allies. By using the services of Le Mot & l’Esprit you can be sure that you have entrusted your project to expert and specialist translators.

    A quality service

    Le Mot & l’Esprit is a network of qualified professionals who have been working in the field of translation for over thirty years and who are committed to enabling you to communicate effectively and accurately. Translation, drafting and adapting top quality texts for the key communications of an international clientele.

  • Experts at your service

    Our network is primarily concerned with conveying the pungency of the message.

    Each one of us is an experienced, certified translator, specializing in a number of technical fields as well as being generalist, and expert in using research tools.

    We only work into our mother tongues, but, and this is particularly important, our knowledge of the source language is so extensive that the culture and nuances of the source text hold no secrets for us.

    Highly qualified professionals
    A network of expertise

    Our network consists of highly qualified, experienced professional translators, hand-picked, and familiar with the challenges of the demanding environments of our clients.

    We have all obtained accreditation after examination with a recognized professional association, some have obtained top security clearance for dealing with sensitive data.

Our Services.

Specialist fields

The members of our team work in a number of different fields, amongst which:

TECHNICAL: agri-business, food safety, health (Aids, TB, malaria), fossil and renewable energy, engineering, science, fisheries, forestry, climate-smart agriculture, demographics, statistics, economy, development, finance, labour law, rating agencies, credit risk, fragile situations, crisis, gender equality, civil society development, etc.

INSTITUTIONAL: banks and development agencies, international organizations, development finance institutions, European institutions, universities, international legal bodies.

In the following languages:
English; French; Portuguese; Spanish; Arabic; Russian; Chinese; Japanese…
Other combinations on request.


Our professionals will take on projects in various specialist fields, from legal and economic to renewable energies, management of natural resources, and Fragile States, amongst others such as development, rating agencies, infrastructures, food safety, issues of political, economic and social stability, project monitoring, etc.

Our Prices

For our services to international and high-profile organizations, our prices are those of the market, they vary according to the language combination, the format and the technical nature of the text, from €140 to €200 before tax per 1000 words of source text.

Our Portfolio.



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Atlantic Port of Bordeaux

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World Bank